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National Confidential Forum (NCF)

The Scottish Government proposes to develop legislation to set up a National Confidential Forum for Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse in Residential Care.

The Scottish Government is asking for your views on their proposals. Further information on the NCF and how to submit your views is available here: read more....

Health and Sport Committee – National Confidential Forum – scrutiny of the Victims and Witnesses Bill

This Committee meeting was held on Tuesday 26 March in one of the Committee rooms of the Parliament building in Edinburgh. The meeting was conducted as a public evidence session and was broadcast and recorded in the Official Report.

Four representatives from INCAS and FBGA, were invited to attend. The evidence on the NCF and Institutional Child Abuse in Scotland given by David Whelan, Jim Kane, Helen Holland and Chris Daly can be seen here....

SHRC InterAction Questionnaire

The InterAction will begin on 28 February 2013. The Questionniare is designed to gather the views of everyone whose lives have been affected by historic abuse. If you have been affected by historic abuse, please complete the Questionnaire and return it CELCIS. A copy of the Questionnaire and details of where it is to be sent can be found here CELCIS / SHRC......

Volunteering with INCAS

We are very keen to get younger people to join us, especially those who have been in care in the 70's, 80's and 90's. It would be so encouraging if they could carry on the good work of protecting all children placed in care in the future, by ensuring that history does not repeat itself and children are never again, subjected to the abuse that so many suffered in the past.

If you have any useful skills or experience that you would like to contribute to the running and future development of INCAS, please contact us.

We need volunteers for a range of tasks and projects, such as Administration, Fund Raising, Campaigning and Promotion Events.

Some very good reasons to volunteer with INCAS:-

* satisfaction at seeing positive results

* enjoyment of helping those in need

* meeting people and making new friends

* feeling a sense of personal achievement

* developing your inter-personal skills

* enhancing your CV